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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Short On Cents welcomes product reviews/offers that are in the best interest of our readers. 

Please follow the instructions below to request a product review to be considered to be listed on Short On Cents.
  • Email sperrysad at yahoo dot com with your pitch
  • You the (Vendor) will now be required to submit a sample of the product you wish to be reviewed to the address I will provide to you in a follow up email.  Once the product has been reviewed I will draw up a post and give my full and honest opinion of the product.  Before publishing I will forward a copy to you via email and it will then be up to you the (Vendor) to decide if the post is sufficient for publishing.
  • WHY A SAMPLE?  With a few previous giveaways I have not received the product and have received numerous emails stating that I did NOT give my honest opinion.  I cannot possibly give my honest opinion without the product in front of me (I must be able to visually see, touch and test the product) to give my honest opinion.
  • Please remember and note that the products sent to Short On Cents for review are not returned and Short On Cents will never accept compensation for performing a product review.  Any attempt at this situation will automatically terminate our agreement to do a honest review of your product and will be denied.
Please keep in mind that Short On Cents is a family oriented site, nothing R + rated will be considered.  Short On Cents firmly believes that our site is an effective way to market your product.  With that being said feel free to email me with a product you may have.

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