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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An Important Policy Change For Swagbucks

The standing policy for Swagbucks.com has always been “One Account Per Household”, meaning that if a user tried to refer a roommate, spouse or sibling, they would be unsuccessful and would be subject to the possible deactivation of their account. As our Compliance team has developed more and more sophisticated ways to detect user fraud, we’re excited to announce a change to our policy and allow each member of your household to have their own account.
A few things to keep in mind:
- We won’t be linking accounts if one of you doesn’t refer the other.
- This policy is in effect moving forward, and doesn’t retroactively apply to older situations where multiple accounts in a household were discovered.
- We’re still only allowing one account per individual. Multiple accounts per person are still expressly prohibited and will be shut down.
What all of this means is that you can now refer your spouse, brother, sister, roommate, live-in aunt or any other person in your household, making for more swagging fun in every house! We’re very excited to have this change take effect, because it allows us to include a lot more people in the Swag Nation.

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I am super excited about this change as I have a son who just started college and my husband has his own computer as well - so they can earn for themselves on Swagbucks and not beg for my points : ) (Wink, Hint)!

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