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Friday, December 30, 2011


The holiday season is a fun and festive time for everyone! However, most moms would agree, it's also a time when our regular family routines seem to go right out the window. So to help your family get back on track and start the New Year off right, we have just the solution for you!

We're excited to introduce you to Goalforit.com, an excellent online resource that provides a variety of free solutions for personal success that are easy to use and can help bring more focus, balance and fulfillment into everyday living. We especially love their simple-to-use Chore Chart, which can help children of all ages learn essential skills in a fun and rewarding way.

This FREE Chore Chart can help teach kids, tweens & teens many important lessons, including:
  • Responsibility; A Chore Chart is an ideal way to help your kids feel like they are making a contribution to their family by doing their part around the house.
  • Understanding right from wrong; Setting behavior goals is an important way to help children strengthen their character and judgment.
  • Healthy Habits; Teaching good habits involving nutrition and physical activity are the cornerstone of prevent obesity in children and adolescents.
  • Money Matters; The optional point system teaches children three important lessons for managing money; earning, spending and saving.

The Chore Chart that kids Love

Parents have so much success using our free Chore Chart because it's so fun & easy to use, kids are excited to do their chores on time, every time.
  • Teach kids about responsibility in a fun, positive and visually engaging way they’ll absolutely love
  • Easily create a personalized Chart in minutes
  • Our Chore Charts can be either used online or printed off
  • Create an optional reward system for additional positive reinforcement that allows kids to earn points while they learn
  • Our free Chore Chart helps kids succeed!

Chore Chart for tweens & teens

Our Chore Chart for tweens & teens allows parents to easily set expectations in a way that gives older children the sense of independence that they’ll welcome ... not resist
  • Get tweens & teens motivated about accepting responsibility in a positive, simple way they’ll appreciate
  • Easily create a personalized Chart in minutes
  • Tracking & reviewing progress is simple to do and helps tweens & teens stay focused and on task
  • Create an optional allowance system that helps tweens & teens learn about earning, saving and spending habits
  • We'd like to invite you to visit http://www.goalforit.com/chore-chart.html and check out their solutions for yourself. And because we know that there are many households out there who could greatly benefit from this service.
This website is extremely easy to navigate and easy to use.  I found it highly resourceful and plan on incorporating this into the New Year.  I have 3 kids who have to constantly be told to do their chores, this way they only have to look at their chore chart each morning on their doors when they wake up and check of their chores as the days progress.  I am super excited to start using this.  It's Totally FREE as well which makes this bargain shopper even more excited.  They also have a grocery store list as well that is print friendly.  It also includes social networking function, a  personal journal and optional email reminders to help keep you on track. 

I highly recommend Goalforit.com check it out for yourself you have nothing to lose again it's TOTALLY FREE!

Disclosure:  This is a compensated review with Mom Select, all opinions and thoughts are my own and 100% honest.

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