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Tuesday, January 03, 2012


So yesterday there was all kinds of hype of people getting the Studio 35 nail polish remover at Walgreens for FREE after a $2/2 sticker was found on some of the remover along with the January, 2012 $1/1 coupon from the Walgreens coupon Booklet found at the front of the stores.  So I headed out to Walgreens to check it out since I am constantly doing my nails and was out of remover.

Of course I got to my Walgreens and not much to my surprise my Walgreens didn't have this going on.  Remember not all deals happen at the same time nor do they happen in the same towns it's always a (YMMV) your mileage may vary type of thing, but it was worth checking out to me anyhow.  I still was able to snag 2 of them, since I needed them anyway and got them this way:

less $1/1 coupon booklet coupon
Final:  $.79

Now I still think this is kinda steep in price for nail polish remover for myself, but I needed it and it sure beat paying $1.79 for it.  Just keep your eyes peeled as your store may have the special deal where you are able to get it for FREE!

Happy Shopping!

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