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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

7 Ways to Save Money on Groceries - GUEST POST

In today’s society, saving money is a major priority for most households.  It may even seem impossible, but thankfully, there are several ways that you can save money on groceries, so you will actually have some money left over to spend on other expenses!

1. Plan Your Meals
Planning your meals before you go to the store means you can get in and out of the market quickly, and not waste money on non-essential items.  Purchasing items that are on sale in your local grocery store will also benefit you by saving time.  It’s a good idea to check for sales before you make your grocery list.

2. Store Programs
Most grocery stores boast special savings and bonus programs to save you money.  A few common programs include buy one get one deals, double coupons, discount store cards, and in-store coupons.  Once you are aware of your store’s programs and options, you will be able to combine the deals in order to purchase your groceries at the lowest possible price.

3. Combine Coupon
Since over 50% of coupons come from the Sunday paper, it’s in your best interest to purchase two or three papers each week.  It’s also a great idea to check online for more deals and better savings.  Coupons that you find online are printable and accepted at several stores.

4. Stock Up
When you notice that several items you frequently purchase are on sale, buy enough to last you until the next sale.  In most instances, stores have sales every two to three weeks.  Purchasing sale items in bulk could save you over $100 each year.

5. Brands
In most instances, the generic or store brand is much cheaper than brand-name items.  In any event, you should purchase the brand that is less expensive.  If there is another store close to your neighborhood, see what their brands cost, and look out for any sales.
6. Less Junk Food
Most people don’t mind buying sweets and treats for their children, because they want the best for them. However, you should make sure that you aren’t taking it overboard.  A box of snacks or sweets is enough to cure a sweet tooth.  Try to spread out snacks, desserts, and other types of junk food in a healthy manner.  Eating healthier will also save a substantial amount of money each month.  It’s best if you spend most of your money on meats, vegetables and staples, such as bread, peanut butter, eggs, and milk.

7. Create a Budget
Set a limit for your expenses, and you will end up spending less money.  It is vital that you bereasonable though. It’s better to be honest with yourself, rather than make a bad plan. Before you set your budget, notice how much you spend on groceries each week or each month.  Once you have done that, look at your grocery list and cross off each item that your family does not have to have.  Do this, and you will soon realize how many items are present on your list that you don’t need.  

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