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Monday, May 21, 2012

Sneakpeeq - SWEET DEAL on PUMA SHOES Not Yet in Stores

SPRING IS IN THE AIR!  Every Spring is a chance for renewal, so be a risk-taker with your self-expression.  Try bohemian fashions with a twist, like strong bamboo rings, full of color and soul.  We love how it combines lightweight, easy-to-wear bamboo with sweet and classic floral motifs.  A FREE BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY BAMBOO RING ($27 value) and FREE SHIPPING just for joining sneakpeeq!

PUMA wants to introduce the fashionable ladies to the coolest addition to the PUMA family.  Designed to keep you active, chic, comfortable and ready for ANY adventure.  These new launches (not even in stores yet) retail for $55, but take a "peeq" on sneakpeeq and you'll score a MAJOR REWARD that'll make you want to get your own pair pronto.  SHIPS FREE!
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