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Friday, September 07, 2012

Arbor Mist Frozen Wine Cocktails Review

SheSpeaks has teamed up with Arbor Mist to give mine and your summer an extra kick of fun – what better way to do that than with a cool drink! Arbor Mist Frozen Wine Cocktails are a new way to enjoy great-tasting wine with a splash of fruit, frozen! Great for a backyard party, pool day, barbeque or casual get-together with friends and family – simply freeze, squeeze and enjoy. Arbor Mist Frozen Wine Cocktails require no mixing of ingredients, ice or blenders. Simply place the liquid pouch in the freezer for five hours, gently massage, tear open the top, squeeze to pour into a glass and enjoy a smooth frozen wine cocktail with all the great taste and same alcohol level as Arbor Mist Wines.

Bursting with aromas of ripe blackberries
and fresh guava, this naturally flavored
frozen Merlot adds a new twist to the
classic Arbor Mist wine.

Strawberry White Zinfandel is redefined
in this new spin on an Arbor Mist classic.
Aromas of fresh-picked strawberries create
an enticing bouquet that integrates perfectly 
with this well-balanced and smooth, naturally 
flavored frozen wine.  This one was a HUGE hit, I loved it and my friends absolutely LOVED it.

and last  but not least was the 

White Pear Pinot Grigio

Frozen White Pear Pinot Grigio is a true
delight! Refreshingly smooth, this frozen wine 
has a taste that is rich with natural flavors of
ripe pear and hints of apple and citrus.

They all were amazing and highly recommended.  They are super simple to use and no mess involved we enjoyed them while having a bonfire with a couple of friends and the evening turned out amazing.

Disclosure:  I was provided a sample of each of the above mentioned from SheSpeaks no other compensation was received and all opinions are solely mine.

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