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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My $3 Goodwill Find

I ran to Goodwill with a friend the other day and snagged this great (broken) shelf the back of the shelf was labeled $16.99 with a side sticker of only $3 (UGLY in my opinion), but I had a vision of an empty small bathroom with everything sitting on the back of the toilet and on the sink.
See quite ugly
lost the other picture but the front had ab (suppose to be c) on it the c was broken
I hammered the front off REALLY EASY
let the kiddos paint all sides
and viola a new shelf for our smaller bathroom (not yet hung, husbands job)

All in all for only $3 this was a super great find and now we have storage for our little bathroom, couldn't be more excited at my crafty self.  NO sanding required just a hammer to beat off the from and some paint!

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