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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Walmart - New Coupon Policy Change

As of September 1, 2012 Walmart has changed their coupon policy yet again to annoy us couponers to help out their cashiers.  Grab the policy HERE which in fact doesn't have the new changes on it just yet, but expect it to come.  The new policy changes are as follows:

1. All Walmart Register systems were updated to accept the GS1 Date bar Codes.
(These codes are harder to counterfeit therefore the GS1 Date bar Codes will be the norm of  all coupons in the near future)

2. All coupons must be scanned on the flatbed scanners, the handheld scanners are not supposed to be used any longer.

3. The coupon must scan, Cashiers/CSM’s or Managers are not allowed to override or manually enter coupons.

4. If a coupon does not scan they are instructed to return the coupon to you. This applies to Printable Coupons and newspaper insert coupons.

Here's how I see it, they are only hurting themselves and will possibly have to restock a TON of items.  As it is already a lot of the coupons have to be scanned on the handheld scanner at my location, so #2 of the policy change will just make a ton of extra work for them.

What's your thoughts?  Let us know!


  1. Thanks for the update. Been having problems with the cashiers and coupons/price matching at Wal-Mart and inconsistancies :) Can you give me the link for the updated policy? Can't seem to find it online to print...thanks!!

  2. There isn't an updated printable policy just yet, I did put the link to the old one and when the new one comes out with the revisions I will surely post it.

  3. I think this is redicilious it hard as it is to feed out failmy an I am a couponer an Walmart is hard enough with matching prices it all crazy why advertise it an not stand by it ? I would love to see Walmart double coupons !!! B

  4. I so agree, however I rarely shop Walmart and will continue NOT to shop there, I have banned them from my coupon store(s) that I frequent because they are so difficult. It's about the consumers saving $$$ tired of the stores employees acting as if the $$$ is coming out of their pocket for the coupons.


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